Art works by Mara Liem (this page is currently under development)

The sculptures, drawings and etches of Mara Liem (1980) seem to exist in an off reality that is touched by the physical, the organic and fable. Here, the laws of nature may take different shape. Phenomena like gravity, time and space continuously (re)appear and disappear due to their opposites. This movement causes a draught, pulling that other world away from us. We end up running after it, trying to catch it or to hold on. Mara enchants and kidnaps us with these restless stills, so we might make up our own stories.   N.F. more about Mara and her works »

2017 - Drawings

2016 - Etches and Drawings

2011 / 2012 - Etches and Drawings

2010 / 2011 - Etches and Sculptures

2010 / 2011 - Studio View

2010 - Installation in cooperation with Doina Kraal

2006 / 2007 - Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation works